Heirloom Collection

Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture by J&L Woodworking

  • Full extension slides
  • Hardware: K-152-AE
  • Dentil trim
  • Shown in Red Oak

Furniture In This Collection

heirloom crown spindle bed

HEI-300 Crown Spindle Bed

54" Headboard, 44" Footboard

heirloom dresser

HEI-17 Dresser

66"W x 33"H x 20"D

heirloom dresser with trifold mirror

HEI-18 Dresser w/ Miror

Dresser: 72"W x 33"H x 20"D
Mirror: 61"W x 47"H

heirloom dresser with trifold mirror;

HEI-26 Dresser w/ Mirror

Dresser: 55 or 66"W x 33"H x 20"D
Mirror: 50"W x 40"H

heirloom chest on chest

HEI-19 Chest on Chest

40"W x 60"H x 20"D

heirloom lingerie chest

HEI-20 Lingerie Chest

23"W x 60"H x 19"D

heirloom deluxe armoire

HEI-21 Deluxe Armoire

40"W x 72"H x 20"D

heirloom armoire

HEI-22 Armoire

40"W x 67"H x 20"D

heirloom mans chest

HEI-24 Man's Chest

50"W x 54"H x 20"D
*3 adjustable shelves

heirloom nightstand

HEI-25 Nighstand

24"W x 25"H x 18"D

heirloom nightstand

HEI-34 Nightstand

22"W x 25"H x 19"D

heirloom chest on chest

HEI-27 Chest on Chest

37"W x 56"H x 20"D

heirloom chest of drawers

HEI-28 Chest of Drawers

37"W x 53"H x 20"D

heirloom 5 drawer chest

HEI-29 5 Drawer Chest

37"W x 42"H x 20"D

heirloom armoire

HEI-30 Armoire

40"W x 67"H x 20"D

heirloom deluxe armoire

HEI-31 Deluxe Armoire

40"W x 72"H x 20"D

heirloom chifferobe

HEI-32 Chifferobe

47"W x 67"H x 20"D
*4 adjustable shelves

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